BPR BioPharm Resources GmbH


We focus on biotechnology, and more generally life science companies, and offer assistance in international marketing and business development. We provide technical, program management and strategic relationship expertise to Biotechnology companies throughout the biopharmaceutical process development and production value chain.

We provide specialist expertise and project management to assure better performance, greater likelihood of a regulatory approvable product or more effective technology strategy, with resources that can be brought on only for the time required to execute the project. 


Our work is focussed on the following fields of expertise:

  1. Prevent time-consuming meanders

  2. Reduce risks in your development chain

  3. Avert costly and time consumable mistakes

  4. Expand the companies portfolio with an additional strategic business field

  5. Assist in optimizing positioning and sales networks

  6. Find and evaluate partners at all levels (industrial, commercial, R&D)

The services based on a step-by-step action plan: definition of problem, analysis of actual situation, target determination, choice of instruments for solving, evaluation of resolution and practical support for your operational business.

We combine the flexibility of a small structure with an extensive international network which allows us to tackle a wide range of projects.